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Philip James DeFranco Jr. was born in the U.S. on December 1, 1985. After finishing high school, DeFranco attended a long list of colleges and had numerous part-time jobs. But nothing of this was of DeFranco’s interest; he had his eyes set on YouTube. Back in 2007, when DeFranco started creating videos, YouTubers weren’t still a thing. The content creator has to fight to make it a content creator. His hard work paid off; today, DeFranco is one of the most famous YouTubers in the world.

Philip Defranco Merch

YouTuber Philip James DeFranco Jr. was born in The Bronx, New York, in the U.S., on December 1, 1985. Details about DeFranco’s family are unknown. There is also no information about his childhood or upbringing. When DeFranco finished high school, he enrolled at the University of South Florida. He didn’t last long at the university since he used his scholarship money to purchase a camera. The truth is, DeFranco wasn’t interested in continuing his studies; the young man wanted to create content with his camera.

The University of Florida wasn’t the only place where DeFranco studied. He was also enrolled at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and Estabrook University in California. Again, he was just not interested in continuing his studies. In 2006, DeFranco created a YouTube account under the username “sxephil” and started uploading his videos. Back in 2006, YouTubers were just starting to become a thing, and there wasn’t so much support from DeFranco’s family because creating videos for YouTube wasn’t yet a professional career. DeFranco had to work numerous jobs to make money and live in his car for a while. Eventually, DeFranco returned to live with his father with the promise to go back to school.

DeFranco did not keep his promise and continued to pursue his dreams. He is glad he did, because today, DeFranco is one of the most prominent YouTubers. His YouTube channel, known as “The Philip DeFranco Show,” has over six million subscribers. The YouTuber discusses and offers commentary on everyday local and global news stories. The current residence of DeFranco, his wife, and his two sons is in Los Angeles.

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