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Philip Defranco Merch - Net Worth

Philip DeFranco is an American video blogger and YouTube celebrity who has a net worth of $14 million. Philip DeFranco is consistently one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world. Phillp DeFranco’s videos typically cover current events, politics and celebrity gossip.

He has aired his videos voicing his opinion on things on the YouTube channel “PhilipDeFranco” which as of this writing has more than 6.4 million subscribers and has more than 1.4 billion video views.

Philip Defranco Merch


Philip DeFranco began his YouTube career while still a student at the East Carolina University. The year was 2006 when he opened his first YouTube channel, sxephil. At that time, there weren’t many people posting online content and it was relatively easier to gain notice with one’s videos. Within a short span of time, DeFranco was able to gain a small but loyal following that mostly comprised teenage girls. His channel became even more popular following the premiere of The Philip DeFranco Show in 2007. The next year, he co-starred with Jessica Rose and Kevin Wu in Hooking Up, an HBOLabs web series. In January 2012, he created a news website and YouTube channel SourceFed, which was originally produced by James Haffner.

This new channel mainly focused on news, popular culture, and technology. The channel proved to be an extremely successful one and had accumulated over 1.6 million subscribers and 907 million video views before being canceled in March 2017. Philip DeFranco is also popular on other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok where he has 648K followers and 664.2K fans respectively.

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